Salvatore → Leah Clearwater | ✓

Salvatore → Leah Clearwater | ✓

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❝I don't love her because she is beautiful. I love her because she saw demons, yet she did everything she could to dance with my angels❞

The vampires of Mystic Falls are invited to Bella and Edward's wedding. They all decide that Stefan should go because they have to stay and protect the city.

Stefan arrives at the wedding and meets the human mate of Edward, Bella Swan soon-to-be Cullen.

He is scheduled to stay there for at least three to four weeks. But what will happen when he meets Leah Clearwater and she imprints on him? 

( breaking dawn )
( completed & edited )

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-cherryls -cherryls Jul 05, 2017
If they are real in this story. Why do they sparkle and the other's from tvd do not?
hyunos hyunos Aug 31, 2017
                              BY THE WAY THIS STORY IS ALREADY INTERESTING
alwaysannabella alwaysannabella Jun 22, 2017
It's my boi steffyyy salvsss back at it again with dat damm smile