I Can't Stop [Niam]

I Can't Stop [Niam]

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Niall Horan doesn't have a problem. He tells himself that everyday. He has convinced himself that he can control it, that he can stop whenever he wants.

He's getting weak and people are starting to notice. But he can stop whenever he wants, though.

He's in a downward spiral and lost all hope, desperately needing someone to save him...from himself. But he can stop whenever he wants, though. 

Niall Horan says he doesn't have a problem, only he does have a problem. Niall is battling with one of the toughest battles in this day and age...anorexia. And he can't control it, he can't stop.

  • angst
  • direction
  • horan
  • niall
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ukuleleboityjo ukuleleboityjo Aug 04, 2017
A world where Niall doesn't eat, is a world I don't want to live in.
KissingWhiteLies KissingWhiteLies Apr 17, 2017
"I don't have a problem, I can't stop whenever I want" me reading smut 😂😂😂
crystalwaterfall983 crystalwaterfall983 Aug 08, 2017
My eye weren't glossed with tears while reading this it was just the light reflecting off of them
☝Yeah they actually weren't this time Im use to this type of stuff.
peach2019 peach2019 Dec 21, 2016
You know it's already sad enough when it's happening but it's even sadder when you know the feeling.
happilydepressing happilydepressing Nov 19, 2016
This is so sad to me BC I used to do this all the time and I try so hard not to anymore but recovery is hard