The Secret Lamp of Leon

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Serenety By SweetSerenety Updated 3 years ago
Najika is just your usual 16 years old girl.....until her and her family takes a trip to her birthplace for summer vacation. With just this one trip her life changes and takes a turn for the weird, the inevitable, and what do you do when this "sworn not to fall in love" girl finds a secret lamp that may just carry all her dreams within it. Leon is a young 14 year old spunky and fun loving boy, but when his parents die and he is left to watch over his little brother and little sister he loses the ability to provide for them and resorts to stealing at the age of 16. Although only a small loaf of bread and a first offense to law he gets punished. Funny story is punishment had gone from jail to the extent of being trapped in a genie lamp. Since all jails are full Leon gets trapped in the lamp. It gets worst his punishment ends up turning from a 3 day punishment to a 170 year punishment in which Leon is forced to go through living hell that takes him on a rollercoaster at which he ends up meeting Najika who becomes his new owner. What will happen to these two and will Najika be able to let go of Leon and use her last wish to set him free and send him back to his own time?
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