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My Brother's Keeper ✔ | His Keeper #1

My Brother's Keeper ✔ | His Keeper #1

573 Reads 59 Votes 10 Part Story
MissTuffcy By MissTuffcy Completed

Summary: Sesshomaru is the youngest son of Toga. He has finally come of age and many demons would like to court him, considering he was a born submissive. His older brother, Inuyasha, wants his brother for himself but his father won't allow it. He is using Sesshomaru to join one of the countries with his.
    Warning: Yaoi, Mpreg, oc, incest, slight ooc characters.
    Status: COMPLETE
    Sequel: Betrayal

Cover by: _Dokkaebi

  • fanfiction
  • inuyasha
  • mpreg
  • sesshomaru
  • sesshomarufanfiction
  • yaoi