The Ranger ➵ Kili Durin

The Ranger ➵ Kili Durin

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JJ By star_enthusiast Updated Jul 12, 2018

"Are you and my brother courting yet?"

She sighed, annoyed. "No Fili, we aren't."

"Well, tell me when you are. If he hurts you, I'll kill him."

"Shouldn't you be threatening me? He's your brother, after all."

"I figure you are perfectly capable of killing him yourself. And if you do have to, I'm sure he probably deserves it."

A young princess was orphaned after her parents were brutally murdered, and for years, she exchanged her pain with anger and hatred towards the killer. She became a Ranger and traveled the lands of Middle Earth in search of revenge, but what she got instead was a quest to reclaim a homeland stolen by a dragon, some new friends, and a few major injuries. But it was all worth it, in the end.