Published || The Secret of Larimore High School

Published || The Secret of Larimore High School

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Azrael Burns By GlowingGreenEyes Completed

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Larimore High School is dubbed the Land of the Forsaken by its students. Fey Norris, a latina transfer student from a different state, isn't sure what to call it. Everything seems so confusing, from the five teams that constantly brawl over the top spot in the rankings, to the promise of a 'Big Event' at the end of the year that will test the fabric of reality. Abigail, the Administrator of the top team, seems to be pulling the strings on the game with no mercy or care in the world. Nashita seems to just enjoy the game as it passes, while Arthur is hell-bent on taking the top team down because of old grudges. Fey feels confused by it all, only able to hold onto her friends Leighton, a student that's lived in the town his entire life, Rowdy, a moderator of a team who's family has been a bit on the shaky side of the law, and Rachel, who's pretty features always have Fey windswept. 

This city in North Dakota is shaken to its very core when the event starts, leaving most of the town trapped outside with no other choice but to wait for the chaos to subside. Five members of five teams clash on the inside, hoping to be the team that gets out with the most members still standing at dawn. Taylor, the only seemingly sane person on the top team, claims everything will be alright. Is Abigail really to blame for the gruesome blood bath that directly results from the event? Who will emerge to the waiting students and police sirens on the outside? 

Filled with characters that have hidden motives and a bash back to childhood games of pretend that turn sour, The Secret of Larimore High School will keep you reading until the last students breathe out their final words.

{Highest Ranking: 473 in Mystery/Thriller.
902 in General Fiction.}