Ruthanne Georgeson High

Ruthanne Georgeson High

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Celebrated kids of top-stars.

Trips to exotic locations.

Finest treatments of unparalleled beauty therapy, cuisines and hospitality.

And heirs to world's billion-dollar generational corporations - these walk the floors of RUTHANNE GEORGESON HIGH SCHOOL, ruling with a Gems' Empire divisional system. . .


Ademisola Ilori, a teenager from the slums of Lagos, carries a blazing desire to be a Neurosurgeon for her sister ailed with Lou Gehrig's disease and hopes for a better future. On getting a class scholarship from R.G.H.S and accepting, her life flips a hundred-and-eighty degree and is hurl in the midst of Demon Kings and Ice Queens, a fiery Princess and gossip e-zines, all bent on making her leave Ruthanne.

Interviews, Luncheons, Dinner parties and more are norms of this world, and Demi, tumbling through it all with an angelic Prince, stumbles on a secret that could crash the school; a secret of greedy ambitions, and dead bodies, and files; a secret with far-reaching consequences than expulsion: one that could endanger her life and family's. . .

☆ 1st Place in Teen Fiction Genre in the Golden Awards 2k19 ☆

☆ Tied in 2nd Place in Teen Fiction Genre in the Sixth Chaos Awards ☆

☆ 2nd Place in Teen Fiction in the Ankara Community Awards ☆

☆ 3rd Place in General Fiction in the 3rd Ohana Awards ☆

☆ Winner of Ernesty's Community Weekly Contests: 23 ☆

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