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Successful young business owner, Carlyn "Carly" Jensen has always known that Waukensee, West Virginia is different. There are things lurking here... dangerous things that don't exist in other communities. Townsfolk have occasionally seen them throughout the decades, even reported them to the authorities, only to be subsequently ridiculed and have their stories conveniently dismissed or covered up. That's because the powers-that-be don't know how to deal with such creatures. To admit their existence acknowledges a problem that they don't want to have to contend with.

These anomalies are the "elephant in the room" for every Waukensian; beasts mostly thought of as myth everywhere else. Locals talk about them, but only in hushed, fearful voices among close friends whom you can trust to not think you're crazy... simply because you know that they've seen the strangeness too. Werewolves, vampires, moth-men, lizard-men and even the legendary Sasquatch are just a few of the oddities reported to occasionally prowl the outskirts of this town when the sun drops below the horizon. The residents here follow quietly spoken rules of their own making: if you go out after dark, don't travel alone. Stay to well-lit, public venues. If you stray off on your own... you might not make it home.

It's been quiet here for some time, but now, after unexpectedly coming face to face with death, Carlyn thinks she might know why such creatures occasionally come to lurk here. Armed with information her grandfather told her years ago, she's determined to find out the answer. Join Carly, her brother Cody, and their friends as they unveil secrets of their own while they attempt to unravel the mystery behind a string of violent murders and determine if the killer is merely one of their own... or one of the oft-whispered-of creatures that prowl the Waukensee outskirts after sundown.

Recommended for mature readers. Contains: Adult language, sexual situations and graphic violence.

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sonja252 sonja252 Sep 15, 2017
No no no not me I'm from Missouri we've got our own creatures and I stay in out of the woods at night except when I use to go coonhuntin!!'
solidarity_ solidarity_ May 12, 2017
I hate that werewolves are only known for the whole 'mate' thing. It's seeped into every shifter genre and it has  become so damn tiresome and annoying. 
                              I miss the blood, gore, and intrigue of films like . . . say Van Helsing or The Wolfman.
sonja252 sonja252 Sep 15, 2017
Yeah deep in those forest deep in the night I bet there's a lot of things that go bump into the night!!!! West Virginia is beautiful
aksonar aksonar Mar 16
We seem to love the same things. I am looking forward to running down the old country roads and playing in the multi colored leaves again.
- - Mar 28, 2017
It's cool to do you're own thing. Not every vampire has to turn into a bat, for example.
solidarity_ solidarity_ May 12, 2017
All things monster-related? You, sir, have gained a follower.