The Piper's Song ~OUAT Peter Pan fanfiction (Book 1)

The Piper's Song ~OUAT Peter Pan fanfiction (Book 1)

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ReverieOfYou By ReverieOfYou Updated Apr 06, 2014

What if I told you Felix had a younger sister named Anne? And what if I told you that after Felix left to become a lost boy, Anne found a box filled of all Neverland secrets?
 What if finally--when Pan plays his special song, Anne follows it to go find her brother?
 Pan doesn't approve of girls but can he resist taking Anne away to Neverland after he finds out shes the sister to one of his excellent lost boys? At war with Henry's saviors...Pan might just need another soldier...but what happens when love stands in the way of it all?

And there's a reason why Pan doesn't approve of lost girls...

"Tell me..." Pan started sliding his hand down Anne's arm. She shoved his hand away.
"Tell you what--"
"Did you feel it--"
"I felt nothing--"
"--how much I wanted you? How much I wanted everything you could possibly offer--never had I been more attracted--"
"I don't care!" Anne spat.
"Oh but of course you do! Because you wanted me too...only for a moment but you wanted me."
 [This story is also on Quotev as well under the name Peter Pan's storyteller]
(Completed w/a sequel)

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- - Oct 02, 2016
Can anyone tell me what that song is in the trailer please?
                              Xoxo love this book
FadedSmi1e FadedSmi1e Feb 14, 2016
dood that trailer gave me the feels before even reading the book
toxicdreamshade toxicdreamshade Nov 25, 2016
This story was recommended to me so I'm really excited to read it yay
AllyWaite AllyWaite Aug 17, 2016
Do u have an idea on who will play Anne or no bc its not in the cast.
nicolewassup nicolewassup Feb 01, 2016
This story is amazing! I read this on quotev. 2ND TIME READING THIS! LET'S GOOOO!!
saiige saiige Jan 26, 2016
The same thing happened to my grandmother, she went out to get milk and when she came back her house was in flames