All I want is everything.

All I want is everything.

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Claire By wisconsinchick09 Updated Dec 18, 2017

Callie's dad, Mike Scarlet, has been best friends with Paul Ross, ever since the third grade.  They grew up in Tennessee as practically brothers!  Paul has a 17 year old son, Shane, and a 13 year old daughter, Caroline.  Over the summer, Shane's family comes to visit Callie's out in California all the way from Tennessee.  When Callie meets Shane, she is attracted to him by his sense of humor, good looks, and how amazingly nice he is.  

Every single summer, the Scarlet family goes out to Tennessee to spend a couple of weeks in their parents hometown.  This summer was no different.  When they visit, they'll obviously hang out with family and old friends that they only get to see once a year, but when Callie meets Dustin, Shane's 17 year old cousin, she finds herself falling head over heels for this perfect highschooler that seems to pay way more attention to her than his cousin...

But is this really "the boy of her dreams"?  Or is Dustin just trying to "take Callie away from Shane"?  Maybe he'll learn to share... Or just leave Callie in a broken-hearted mess for the rest of -what seems like forever...  Hope you enjoy!(:

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countryhorsegirl countryhorsegirl Aug 25, 2013
Clairebear! this is so good! I am so glad that you are writing more again. i have to reread some of your story because I forgot some of it but its awesome!
wisconsinchick09 wisconsinchick09 Dec 20, 2011
@dancerchic101 hahaha :) I have the second chapter almost finished! I just haven't had time to write lately. I'll take advantage of Christmas break to do so though :) lol
dancerchic101 dancerchic101 Dec 05, 2011
Please!!!!!!! write more!!! I want to know what happens!!!!!!!!!!
wisconsinchick09 wisconsinchick09 Jul 30, 2011
@dancerchic101 haha thanks(: I'll be sure to read your story ASAP! Be on the lookout for my second chapter here in about a month(: Haha. I'm so slow at uploading!!! It's insane!!! Hehe dumb exclamation marks!!! Cya later, Meggles(:
dancerchic101 dancerchic101 Jul 21, 2011
I just read the rest of this story!! Your lucky I only upload my stories like once every two months!! But I love it so far! It's really cute!! but now that i've read it, i'm starting to use alot of exclamation points!!!
                              sorry bad spelling! I'm not the best at spelling yet!!
citybound citybound Feb 16, 2011
@wisconsinchick09 yeahh so nice picture ur cousin sent you... *cough cough*