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Enchanted [A Dramione Fan Fiction]

Enchanted [A Dramione Fan Fiction]

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Emily By Call_Me_The_Nerd Updated Jan 13

It has been five years after the war, you would expect everything is completely perfect, except for Hermione that is. When her fiance breaks up with her, her world is turned upside down. No spell can fix this problem. She encounters her ex-enemy and he turns her world around for a different view of things. Through all this confusion, join Hermione and her journey through her magical life to see if the beaver will catch the ferret, or the ferret will catch the beaver.

Hey that was Lucy's bleached blonde's name wasn't it? I mean Nagini don't you remember? *looks at Nagini innocently*
Wait why would anyone burst into someone random bleachers blonde's house like that? Mudblood that's some bedside manners you didn't get in there. Flash reference sorry me and Nagini were so fascinated after seeing that blonde in the show snogging the girl who looks like Mudblood
Azeflower Azeflower Dec 29, 2016
How does she just go in and sit? Ok u know what nvm Draco is here anyway
Azeflower Azeflower Dec 29, 2016
Does Viktor Krum ring a bell? Anyone thought of that? No? Just me? Fine
Azeflower Azeflower Dec 29, 2016
Is it just me alone that thought of Simply Irresistible or Wonderstruck when I read this?
mycanadianbby mycanadianbby Aug 20, 2016
This novel should be the order of phoenix because this thing is huge as fùck and I only recalled no that I'm rereading them 😂