The Werewolf King's Rival Mate

The Werewolf King's Rival Mate

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Jenna By Dla-me-ha Updated Jan 31, 2018

Hello my name is Rosemary LeeAnn Ravencroft, but I prefer to be called Rose. I am the princess of the vampires. My people have been at war with the werewolves for centuries now. It all started when the previous werewolf king, King Amadeus, mysteriously declared war on my family and my people.

 His motives for declaring war on us are still unknown today, but his son Alexander has now assumed the title of King of the Werewolves after the death of his father. I have always lived a boring and easy life, but little did I know that my life was about to change dramatically the moment I came face to face with King Alexander, the King of the Werewolves. This is my story about how King Alexander changed my life forever.

My book does have language in it and will most likely have some violence in it. You have been warned.

My book is currently number 165 under the vampire genre as of May 4, 2017.

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