The Dragon Chase

The Dragon Chase

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There is no night in the Everburning City. 

There can never be. 

For four hundred years, the City has been besieged by an enemy that has swallowed the entire world. The land that the City now sits upon has been claimed from the Gloam; a grey mass of smoke-like mist that kills everything within it. Only fire, pumped endlessly from beneath the world, holds the Gloam at bay.

But things move beneath the shrouding mists of the Gloam, and they march for the City. Against them lie only the resolve of its soldiers, and the audacity of Crafter Tabitha a'Loria, and her apprentice Gerald Raeth, defying the powers of the City to build the first hope humanity has known since the Everburning City's founding.

Notes: Currently embarking on an edit, polishing it up to get it ready for the Wattys.

Love this! It's short, sweet and to the point. It tells you so much about the story without spoilingbehat lies ahead.
fishyfis fishyfis Aug 08
Very dramatic. Kind of gives a lot of info, but it's fine, really. Good setup, I can see a lot coming from this.
hhhunter hhhunter Jul 17
A mist. A wall of fire. A city. The description on all these is very intriguing. Few but enough snare fantasy lovers. From your cover, I believe dragons will be involved. Can't wait to see them.
_brebabe_ _brebabe_ Aug 14
This last line is very symbolic! I also love how it sets the mood perfectly!!
This prelude reminds me of a campfire story. I don't mind it being info dumpy because it's short and really sets a nice tone *reads on*
                              This was absolutely amazing! I love the descriptions you used to convey the world of what it became, it all held tight. I absolutely love the idea of the mysterious mist and the first as the weapon, it's so intriguing!