The Xenopian Files: Dark Horizons (1)

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Evan Gall By Ezbius Completed
Two mid teen kids, Vince and Lucy. While growing up in a alternate future, where a nuclear power plant explodes, in the northern outskirts of Sydney Australia. The population of Sydney has been damaged by 3 new types of radiation. The new types of radiation included, with the plants Piscon power core are, Delta, Epsilon and Zeta. The radiation caused mutations, and the mutated, were driven underground into the old sewers. The mutants evolved again, caused by the Delta, and Zeta radiation, in their bloodstreams. This time they evolved with powers. While an evacuation was commencing, Vince's sister, Susan was kidnapped by a three armed mutant, that broke in their home. Vince and Lucy, must save his sister Susan, from becoming the next victim, of the tyrannical mutant king; King Umbrae. Or will Vince find power in himself to defeat Umbrae and free all the captured girls? And who are the Xenopians?
    Cover Credientials 
    Pencils: Robert Taylor-Parkins
    Colour and Headings: Thonie Wilson
This is very futuristic.. I mean, I haven't read this kind of story before.. and I really am interested to know what's going to happen into the story.. I think you did a great job with this.. amazing..
Lol friend zone xD naw but nice start to the story so far some grammar here and there but over all good chapt
Thanks for the dedication bud! Added to library, so with luck I'll get round to reading it soon :)
I have to be honest but this is really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pleeeeeease tell me if u post anymore:)
Sounds exciting, like an X-men type superhero theme?  Except that the heroes are ugly.
                                    I think "Prologue" could be a better title for this chapter, as "Epilogue" is something that happens after a story is finished.
@Ezbius Yeah I think that everyone has a bitch in them, but lucy does a good job of expressing hers! ***voted***