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Healing Gabriel (BoyxBoy)

Healing Gabriel (BoyxBoy)

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annaiC By chemomantic Updated Feb 21, 2016

Haunted. Terrified. Alone.

Those three words seem to be the only emotions that seventeen year old Gabriel Adams knows how to feel. At the age of thirteen, when other boys were chasing after pretty girls and playing in the dirt, Gabriel had been kidnapped and molested. Now, several years later, Gabriel still can't return to the normal life he'd lived before the Incident. He's terrified of the dark, and even the daytime gives him anxiety attacks. Gabriel hates being touched. A simple brush against him will set him off into spasms while panic quickly takes over his mind. It seems as if nothing will relieve Gabriel from the constricting, painful claws of the man who'd done him harm, and Gabriel is becoming desperate.

That's when Evan Ricci steps in. Evan, a stubborn yet surprisingly selfless teenager, moves to the small, quiet town of Clydesdale Heights. When Evan sees a small, awkward blond haired boy carrying pop boxes across the street while he's bringing moving boxes into the new house, he decides to help him. Things don't go exactly as planned, though, and their relationship begins with a rather rough start.

The two eventually learn to bond, and Evan helps Gabriel learn to deal with the psychological consequences of being molested, which eventually blooms into an understanding so deep they can’t imagine themselves with anyone but the other. A hint of infatuation sparks up, but not quite yet will the love blossom out like most. Their love will take time. And lots of patience and persistence, too.

I'm rereading this for at least the 10th time, I adore this book
6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 Dec 08, 2016
Like soda or like poptarts? I'ma go with poptarts cuz I don't like soda
Nitimina Nitimina Jan 17
He goes to school? His scared of ... everything, everyone? How he survives in there? Shouldn't he be taught at home by his mother or a private teacher?
AliciaTabi AliciaTabi Dec 08, 2016
Age doesn't matter about facing fears I bet even u still have some fears no matter how old u r u will always have a fear.
6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 Dec 08, 2016
I will be your friend. I like the quiet type that don't like physical contact, I hate physical contact too. I can handle you if you're loud too but only at a distance.
6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 6MySarcasm6IsDeadly6 Dec 08, 2016
I don't get why people always get closer when you say go away. It's scary and loud