The Street fighter And I ✔

The Street fighter And I ✔

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Casey Dale lives with her abusive father since she was the age of 7, ten years down the line she still has to deal with it. 

Her father blamed her for her own mothers death.

 Casey has only one friend which is Mj she doesn't really show her true side to anyone else but her.

Rhyan carter is well known for his vicious street fights and bad temper, Casey lives with a abusive father who also has a very short temper and destroys everyone and anything during his rages and now she has to do a project with someone who is cable of doing as much damage as her father does but Rhyan carter is not everything that meets the eye..

Hun it's just a smile, don't think everyone wants to get with you
I have pale skin and dark hair, I am not a goth :/... Or am I?!
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Damn do ppl actually label each other like this? It's kinda pathetic how others can't let you be you without putting a label on it.
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Girl he ain't my dream. Mine only consists of Dylan O'Brien 😍
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