The Best Of Us

The Best Of Us

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"Why didn't you tell me he went here?" Sabrina managed to croak out. Her throat was dry and there was a loud drumming sound in her ears which she realized was her heart.

"Oh..uh...well..." Leila stuttered and then trailed off. She smiled sheepishly. "I totally forgot about Khalid." 

Sabrina winced when she heard his name.

"How could you?" Sabrina asked, horrified. "You know I don't like him and, not to mention, that he hates my guts!"

"Oh, come on! That was years ago. He probably doesn't even remember you." Leila assured, waving her hand.

At that moment, Khalid Fayad turned towards them, his eyes landing on Sabrina's. Sabrina held her breath hoping - praying - that he would turn away without recognizing her. Unfortunately, he seemed to remember her all too well.

From the way he smirked at her now, Sabrina just knew that her senior year at New Hope High was ruined. 

A story of racism and hate, of love and acceptance. Can Sabrina overcome the hate that she is wrongly accused of. Can she forgive those who have tortured her life with bitter words and unending cruelty. Can she fight back with not hate, but good?

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book_a_vampire book_a_vampire Nov 27, 2017
Rereading lol, wonder how my comments from last time stay but votes are gone  wattpad needs to get it's algorithm straight lol
lilmxrtxxn lilmxrtxxn Sep 20, 2016
Deadass Indians hate when you call them Pakistani. Vice versa
notny1ukno notny1ukno Jun 21, 2016
Preach preach preach girl teach teach teach
                              Ok wth that was a weird chant/rap
notny1ukno notny1ukno Jun 21, 2016
I know... only a few have true faith in themselves and what they know is right
Fangirl2241 Fangirl2241 Sep 25, 2016
I'm Hindu and I'm disgusted by people who insult and harass innocent Muslims.
Safiyasalman123 Safiyasalman123 Jan 06, 2017
Umm... I have a question... Who is an Arab and who is Indian in this novel