Being Military Strong

Being Military Strong

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MikaelaRose By PeaceLoveRead18 Updated Aug 22, 2015

" It's easy to walk away and date a civilian. But instead we wake up to an empty side of the bed, we check our phones every second hoping for that five minute phone call or three worded text, we break down and cry when we miss him, we force a smile because the pride and love of our men is stronger than anything else. We cherish every moment  because we are never promised tomorrow. So, yes it's very easy to walk away, but we chose to get up, and stand strong next to our heroes the same way the stand strong for our country"

"It's so hard and I don't want to end up like my mother always so alone and tired..... I just- I just can't go through what my mom went through all the waiting, all the wondering. I don't think I can go through that again, wh-what if I can't love him enough." I paused tears streaming down my face. ".... What if he doesn't make it back..." My lip quivered. 

"Honey, you love him don't you?" She asked.

I didn't even have to think about it of course I did. I nodded my head whipping the tears that were still falling down my face.

"Don't let being afraid stop you from what makes you happy, dear." She paused probably thinking about wording her next sentence. "Distance does to love, what wind does to fire... It extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong." She said letting what she said sink into my mind.

"Darling you are strong, you are very strong. This is your choice, dear. Make sure you make the right one. Now go, Dear." she shooed me. "Go to him and tell him how you feel, I'm sure he will respect your decision, what ever it may be. Now go."

I turned and ran to my car, but before I could open the door to my car.

"Mackenzie!" She shouted. "Don't regret anything, and remember what I said Distance does to love, what wind does to fire... It extinguishes the weak and feeds the strong, my dear." That was the last thing she said before she went inside. And left me thinking.

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Echo4Echo Echo4Echo Dec 10, 2016
Your main quote stood on its own. You don't need to repeat it. It was definitely worth reading.
Echo4Echo Echo4Echo Dec 10, 2016
Soldiers are Army... I know I'm being a pain, but believe me, making these minor corrections will help with the flow of the story
Echo4Echo Echo4Echo Dec 10, 2016
You say Airmen. Your picture is of a Marine. You should probably look to change that.
amhubbard16 amhubbard16 Aug 12, 2015
You are mixing up Air Force and Army terms. The Air Force calls a military facility a base whereas the Army refers to it as a post. The other points the previous commenters have made are also true. Stick to one branch.
BrittReinhardt BrittReinhardt Sep 26, 2014
Army or Air Force? if you are Army, the term is Soldier.  Air Force is Airmen or women.