10 Traps To Avoid As A New Author

10 Traps To Avoid As A New Author

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Sal By SallyMason1 Updated Dec 12, 2017

Discover some of the writing tips from Wattpad Star and formerly featured author of 'Trapped'.

I  have completed my share of beta reads and critiques for new authors on and off Wattpad and many of the points I have noted are often repeats - something that I used to find in my own writing as well, but have stopped (or tried to stop) over the years. 

It's hard starting out, but it's even harder when no one points out your mistakes. I hope you will find this guide useful to detect some of those problem areas and pick up tips on how to avoid common mistakes. Writing is an art and takes practice. There is no corner cutting - you can only improve if you keep at it.

Interested? Well, then let's explore some of the common traps I've seen...

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HussniM HussniM Nov 23, 2017
@SallyMason1 #private book club <3 <3 <3 congratz on winning the best commentator.
JustJustinaa JustJustinaa Apr 25, 2017
Thank you so so much for writing this! I just started writing three days ago. Ive always had ideas but until now I've never written them into a story.
Oddity13 Oddity13 Feb 06
Put our heads together.Hehe
                              Thanks a lot, I'm thinking of writing stuff
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hii , please do checkout the first part of my story . thankyou so much!
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ventdog ventdog Jul 10, 2017
@outsiders_lover_625 you should read this, it will help you with your story.