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Brutalis (Completed and Unedited)

Brutalis (Completed and Unedited)

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JamieBlackmarr By JamieBlackmarr Completed

(Completed and unedited!) Monada is trapped, a beauty from a once wealthy merchant family, her father plans to marry her off to a wealthy hunter to regain his status. But her soon to be husband, Alexander is a brutish man obsessed with hunting no matter what his target is. So Monada makes a desperate choice, fleeing into the Dark Forest to escape her fate. But the Dark Forest is a dangerous place, full of wild beasts and what once was the great castle of King Romulus. After his death twenty years ago, the castle has been vacant ever since, no signs of life or signs of what happened. But those ancient doors hold secrets Monada and no other villager was ever aware of.

Calder knows the truth about the death of King Romulus and what happened to his home, he knows the witch who murdered  him, he knows where his only living heir is, and he has an idea of what the cruel witch is planning.  But who'd believe a beast?  Thrown together by chance Monada offers Calder a deal, she'll live with  him in exchange for asylum from her fiancé.  Calder readily agrees, glad for the company, but a castle enchanted by a witch's curse will only keep someone safe for so long.

Copyright  © 2013 by JamieMc

All rights reserved.

HiddenScribbler HiddenScribbler Dec 12, 2016
What is the title of the piano piece being played in the background of the trailer?
Ale-Chan1005 Ale-Chan1005 May 12, 2016
I don't even want to read the book anymore. That covers is the picture of garroth and aphmau from MC Diaries (a youtube series) and I believed this was a garmau fanfic however this isn't what I expected I think you should look at what the picture means before using it as a cover.
girl you got Sass I don't know if your Hispanic or not but u have the Hispanic fire respect 👌
Alithegryffindor Alithegryffindor Feb 11, 2016
Holy crap the trailer is so beautiful , I love it . It's really well put together
JoannaHiddleston223 JoannaHiddleston223 Feb 28, 2016
The trailer just blew my mind. Can't wait to start the book !!!!!
AnnieLeonhard AnnieLeonhard Jul 14, 2016
У вас слишком большое чсв :))) умерьте пыл, госпожа. Дабы не писать подобные опусы вначале. With any luck you can read this.