Jemma Granger (a Harry Potter fanfiction with also a hint of a Marauder fanfiction)

Jemma Granger (a Harry Potter fanfiction with also a hint of a Marauder fanfiction)

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Everyone knows Hermione Granger, the one that's best friends with the famous Harry Potter, knows nearly every spell, and is considered the princess of Gryffindor. Know she had a twin? No. Well that's me, Jemma Granger, the other twin no one knew about, the one that always got into trouble, the one that was best friends with Draco Malfoy...  

Then a suddern change happens in Jemmas life as she is thrown into the past by some weird item she finds in the dark forest. she meets the maraunders and her life takes a turn for the better as she discovers who she really is, and that special someone... 

Jemma experiences what it feels like to be properly loved for the first time, and to have friends that aren't assholes to every other house. She is grateful for the turn of events in her life but will she stay in the past, or return to where she belongs in her present time...


#35-Harry Potter Fanfiction 20/03/15

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neuroticHorcrux neuroticHorcrux Oct 21, 2015
How did she become best friends with Draco Malfoy if she's muggle-born?
reachase- reachase- Sep 22, 2015
... Is this supposed to mean something O.o. Jk jk. Slytherin Pride!
lorxena lorxena Jul 11, 2015
Somehow I can imagine Fred or George doing all that prank stuff with her, more than Draco. He wasn't very happy actually...
Joaa25 Joaa25 Feb 24, 2015
I think, if Hermione and Gemma haven't talked in a while, that they should have this huge argument, then make up. But that's just me.
SianJ2 SianJ2 Nov 19, 2013
This is really good amy!!! I think the friendship between Draco and Jemma are good