A New Start (Harry Styles Fanfic)

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1Dsgirl By 1Dsgirl Updated 2 years ago
A new start was all Emily wanted. To turn a new leaf. But when she meets Harry Styles, she is brought into the limelight, and will the past catch back up with her?
Omg, it's harry. I just know it.
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Omg. Please update?! I've been waiting for like months! /: this is ABSOLUTELY my favorite fanfic, so please update! (:
i love this story it is amazing i found two days ago and couldnt stop reading i literally styaed up untill 3 last night to finish it i hope you post a new one soon
Just as amazing as the first time I read it! :D ahh I do love this fanfic! :) love how you leave the end of the chapter too! x
aahhh, I always like it when the girl is not a fan. But still love this stort for so far! x
Omg this was literally the BEST fanfic I've ever read!! I am SOO HOOKED! Please do more chapters!!!!!<3<3<3