Revenge is Sweet, It Really Is  ;)

Revenge is Sweet, It Really Is ;)

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PurpleChair By PurpleChair Updated Nov 30, 2011

So many things can happen in High School. There's relationships, friendships, grades. They all add up to the experience. 

Sometimes the experience is amazing, and yet there are also times when it is not. High school is only a few years of your life they say. But what they dont say, is that sometimes it's those years which build you up for so many different things. May it be a success or a failure.

This story is Natalies experience.

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PurpleChair PurpleChair Apr 14, 2011
@calvin2 Thank you so much :D i really appreciate the comment :)
ForestSwanSong ForestSwanSong Mar 26, 2011
@PurpleChair I live in a small town with basically one ghetto store haha. I do occasionally see some college boys, but they often go with other girls >.>...
PurpleChair PurpleChair Mar 25, 2011
@ForestSwanSong Haha, you havent been going to the right grocery store then XD
PurpleChair PurpleChair Mar 25, 2011
@ForestSwanSong Ahh, but in the world of Fiction, anything could happen ;)
ForestSwanSong ForestSwanSong Mar 25, 2011
Damn, what's with all the sexy men at the grocery store? All I see in my town are little boys, fathers, and old men.
sydneyjade13 sydneyjade13 Mar 01, 2011
thankyou for the dedication :} love you mbf! btw, this story is a gooden, i hope lots of people start to read it ;D