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Bullied By One Direction

Bullied By One Direction

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meep By phanlolxor Completed

This girl, Lucy Dallison, gets bullied by Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Niall Horan and Zayn Malik. And one day, Liam and Niall becomes at the side of the Lucy, begging their sorriness, and Lucy accepts. Now Niall and Liam always protects Lucy, especially when they see Harry, Louis and Zayn.... But what happens next? Louis comes an drug dealer and Zayn... Changes, same as Harry. All of the boys respects Lucy, except the Louis Tomlinson.

speechless_escape speechless_escape Apr 13, 2016
Yeah loser, Ever heard of s thing called a thesaurus or a dictionary??? You're grammar SUCKS my dog could spell better. You need jesus  and so to go school. Also you're probably 12.
KayBaby1997 KayBaby1997 Dec 27, 2016
What school nurse keeps razors in the office 🤔 very interesting
xx_AVG_xx xx_AVG_xx Apr 08, 2016
Damn if that would have been my mum, I would have been so fuckin pissed
TheFrantasticFan TheFrantasticFan Dec 12, 2015
Girl I know how you feel. You could mistake my eyes for a piece of chocolate
Skylights11th Skylights11th Jul 20, 2015
i have blond hair and grey eyes my mom says that it is whats inside and you @LarissaSnuggly you are not snuggly at all
Skylights11th Skylights11th Jul 20, 2015
and not everyone does i have grey eyes seriously it doesnt even matter if she wrote that she has poop colored eyes.