Yours to Hold (An OHSHC fanfic) [Completed]

Yours to Hold (An OHSHC fanfic) [Completed]

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Morioka Nao is taken in by her uncle when her parents and brother die in a car accident. Closing herself off from her feelings of grief, she throws herself even further into her love of dancing, a hobby her uncle finds useless. Being the owner of a profitable dojo himself, he makes a deal with Nao. If she wins first place in a large competition, then she can continue as she is. If she doesn't, then she has to quit dance and devote herself to becoming his heir. 

When she ends up losing, Nao reluctantly follows her end of the bet. Becoming the perfect daughter, she continues to cut herself off from her emotions, and seclude herself from those around her, barely even taking note of the names of her classmates. One day, however, this all changes when one of those classmates drags her off to an appointment with the Host club, putting her face to face with a group of people who won't allow her to hide herself any longer.

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Not me. My hair is a frizzy mess. He'd hate me cuz my hair is never perfect. Could the twins help??? Hmm?? I need their number. Lol. And I have a baby face and never where make-up except maybe lip gloss. And only on special occasions really.
It's not the color for me. I don't like the style. If I went to that school, I'd rather wear the boy's uniform and I hate pants so that's shows how much I hate that dress. And I love dresses. I'd probably buy a black skirt....
I don't think any of us like the uniform for the girls.I think it's quite sexist and hideous
i love the dress tbh it's big and poofy and i bet it's super fun to spin around in
My uniform does this to me too, it would help if I had darker skin
Funny how the first thought that popped into my head when seeing the dress was beauty and the beast XD 
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