Living with the Orphan

Living with the Orphan

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"You care about my reputation?" He asked slyly, coming closer.
I didn't glance at him as I tried to control my blushing. "No." I lied.
He knew I wasn't being truthful. He took a sideways step closer. "Why?"
"Why shouldn't I?" I asked, ignoring his question. "It's just a chase to you, isn't it?"
I looked at him as he frowned. "What?" He asked, suddenly confused.
I stared at him until he lowered his eyes.
"You're going after me because I won't kiss you or even go out with you but as soon as I do, you'll stop because the chase will have ended." I said, matter of fact.
"No!" He exclaimed, shocked.
I smiled dryly and pushed myself off the stairs."Good try but I'm not that dumb." I said and turned around to leave but he grabbed me by the shoulders and kissed me on the lips.
My legs melted as he deepened the kiss. I put my hands around his neck and passed them through his soft hair. Never mind about the chase. This was where I wanted to be.

Oceane has been an orphan since she was four, and after eleven painful years, she finally learns that she has an indirect relative in Canada. So from France, she arrives and meets the five kids: 
Alice, Jack, Nicolas, Gabriel and Rose.
They're all cocky, yet randomly nice at times. But how hard will it be for Oceane to fit in with this glamorous family?

*CURRENTLY UNDERGOING EDITING* -- It will still make sense, I'll just slowly rewrite some parts and I apologize for some cheesy parts; I wrote this when I was 12...

  • humor
  • orphan
  • rich
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chickennuggetbroth chickennuggetbroth Apr 03, 2016
Would they not be lowlights? Is that not the term? Or is the gold darker than the dirty blonde? Because i am easily confused by this... i know im special... 😝
MoonlightMadness23 MoonlightMadness23 Jan 06, 2013
@Krispychicken I KNOW! She's beautiful but i took her from Google. Most pics on Google are from hairdresser's magazines tho :P
Krispychicken Krispychicken Dec 30, 2012
i have kind of a random question..but who is that girl in the snow? Like in real life? Gahh she's gorgeous so unfair
MoonlightMadness23 MoonlightMadness23 Dec 01, 2012
@sunnyshadow @StoryWhispers Thanks so much guys :) @belen_love Yes, I guess it is but it's not just romance. Please give it a try :)
sunnyshadow sunnyshadow Jun 27, 2012
ARE YOU KIDING ME THAT WAS AMAZING!!! talk about a great author <3
MoonlightMadness23 MoonlightMadness23 Mar 24, 2012
@XxXLOLaXxXSmile thanks so much! I hope you like the rest! @EllieTyler562 Oooppss, going to change that but thx! Enjoy :)