Army Strong (ON HOLD)

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C_Lina By C_Lina98 Updated 3 years ago
Jackie had a great life, but will joining the army throw that all away? And will a injury ruin her dream of serving her country? Follow Jackie through the ups and downs of her journey through the army. PLEASE NOTE I AM NOT AN ARMY EXPERT AND CORRECT ME IF I MISUSE ANY TERMS OR GET SOMETHING WRONG
It's a nice start. There are some mistakes but nothing to big. It's a little short, even for a prologue, but it's a good one. You created a tension in the end, so the reader will want to read more about this. That's really good! 
                                    Love, Jade
I loved this!! I read it Friday but I felt like makeung you panic so I pretended to read :)<3 You need to stop doubting yourself you are really good writer!!!! It was like pulling teeth to get it out but you did and it was good! Stop being shy you are goood at a lotof things wonder women ;)!
Yeah. I'm writing CHANGE. It's a Harry Potter Next Generation Fan Fiction. I'm also writing Fearless, but right now it has a bunch of scribbles so don't read that yet.
Oh okay. I commented, I voted, now all I have to do is fan!!! :)