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1DFan86 By 1DFan86 Updated Sep 18, 2014

Description:  Sienna has been blind from birth. The pack doctor told them when her wolf comes at 16 she will be able to see. The wolf never came. The pack doctor then said she will need the help of a strong alpha. An alpha strong enough to bring her wolf to the surface and allow her sight to come back along with her shifting abilities.  She was arranged to be married to their packs alpha, who was the second strongest alpha, until he found his mate. The one he was suppose to be with through fate. Sienna now has to live with the fact she was meant to be blind and wolfless. She has her seeing eye dog which her family bought her a week after the alpha found his mate. She gets teased by the teens of the pack for being blind and having a wimp of a dog, but, Sienna loves Toby. Even if she couldn't see her dog she knew that Toby was a black lab from previous discussions with her family. They tried to explain the color black to her and so, she has a small understanding of the color of dog she has. Other then that she just pictures him in her imagination. She also dreams of this man every night. It's the only thing she can see in crystal clear vision. Lets face it it's the only thing she can see period.  One day Sienna was walking out an about with Toby when a rogue caught them in a ally quite some distance away from her pack. She screamed when she heard the whine and squeal of her dog until everything went silent with the rumble of what she thought was an earthquake.

CLARKSTON_16 CLARKSTON_16 Aug 19, 2016
Love the description but bummed that it was last updated in 2014
_wheres_my_turtle _wheres_my_turtle Aug 01, 2014
*dog (I hope you don't mind if I correct this no hate please)
thepandalova thepandalova Jul 16, 2014
Trippy, I always wondered if blind people are blind in their dreams too.
LoveForTheWolverine LoveForTheWolverine Nov 18, 2013
I love this!! Please continue!! I bet you it will become more popular very soon, just keep writing!! :)