Tarkir - A Dark World Warriors Story

Tarkir - A Dark World Warriors Story

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Colleen Keehne By AAngel3 Updated Feb 07, 2017

While on a training mission, a Viper Class Spacecruiser captained by the second son of King Aa'ron Rai'lyn disappears from the far edge of of the Lel'eiona galaxy.  King Rai'lyn sends his eldest daughter to find investigate and rescue the ship's crew.  

Ay'esha Rai'lyn, warrior and captain of the Reaver class battlecruiser, Invader, vows to find her brother and everyone back in one piece. Ay'esha knows what dangers there are be in the blackness of space and she's prepared to face them. 

When Tarkir kul Cadeyrn, Prime Warrior and Commander of the  Slayer, a Dragon Class Assault Cruiser, rescues the survivors of a wrecked Lel'eiona Galaxy ship, he has no idea that his life's path is about to change.

A race of warriors unknown to the  Confederation of Space and the daughter of a King will forge a alliance to fight a menace to all planets and races. And in that fight, they just might discover each others souls.

  • romance
  • scifi
  • warrior