Married To My Best Friend

Married To My Best Friend

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"What is wrong Amaan?" Haya asked in a concerned tone..

He stared at her for few seconds and then replied "I talked to Daila"

 "Did..did you?" She stuttered and he nodded

"So..So now?" Haya asked

"Now...Haya kareem" Amaan said and walked towards her with a dangerous glare on his face

"Never ever show me your face again" Amaan said in a monotone

"What?" Haya yelled

"You don't deserve to be a friend" He said, his jaw clenched and his gaze piercing holes in her body...

"Bu..But what did i do?" Haya was on verge of tears..

What had she done to deserve Amaan's hatred?

"I hate you Haya!! I hate you!!" He semi yelled and left


TRUST...Just 5 letters but very rare..

Its important in every relationship, be it friendship or love...But What happens when this very combination of letters is missing?It destroys relationships!!!


Click on 'read' to meet Haya kareem and Amaan syed...the childhood friends turned enemies..

NOTE: This story does not represent Islam. The characters are muslims but they are not the perfect muslims. So don't judge Islam based on this book

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