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Ray By DidUSayHedliteFluid Completed

*Requests closed and no longer wtiting*

Random Phan oneshots that I write! (Usually around midnight)
Nothing above heated kisses.
But many oneshots do involve two males in a relationship/kissing, so if you're not in to that stuff, just don't read it.

Cause_Youtube Cause_Youtube 2 days ago
Me in my house I'm living in rn during a regular winter bc its an old house and the heat just sucks ass tbh
Exiolet Exiolet 2 days ago
So they were more physically warm than loving?... Alrighty then...
Britain is always that 'ha ha shitty weather place'
                              And in real life it is
Cause_Youtube Cause_Youtube 2 days ago
Like our heat does not lkke to stay upstaurs and jeep my room warm  at all
*looks up wide eyed* S-Sherlock *reads on* oops wrong fandom
This happened to me 
                              The snow was really deep and it was up to the top of my door and my brother opened it and it landed on top of me 
                              I nearly died ;-;