Subdued By The Alpha

Subdued By The Alpha

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Raven had an 'incident' with her family and was left on the streets where she met and took under her care, two urchin children. After acquiring three jobs she has enough money to rent the house on the outskirts of the territory, pay the bills, pay the school fees, have food and barely scrape through life. Raven is as rough as they come, she has no friends, always has a blade with her, is always getting in fights and has a tongue that cuts as sharply as her blade. 

Marcus is the alpha of the pack, he's had his troubles, won all his fights and rules a pack which he considers his family. Marcus knows the harsh reality of life better than many, as a result he walks around with a look in his eye that tells anyone 'I will kill you if you cross me'. 

Beautiful Raven has gone unnoticed until now. Marcus has seen her, he's her teacher at school, her regular customer at the restaurant and her alpha. However, Raven will be damned if she lets some arrogant lycan try to rule over her life; she doesn't need anyone's pity and she gave up calling for help years ago.

There is swearing and violence within this story. Please read at your own discretion.

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you'd expect a look of pity bc if she looked her age (17) and the kids are 6, you would probably assume something bad happened to raven as a child
Ugh that's me every day with sleeping late and having to wake up early
hungryreaderforever hungryreaderforever May 13, 2017
It's like they want them dead without killing her and the twins
CaribbeanMinx CaribbeanMinx Oct 09, 2016
a) I love the mention of curves. 
                              b) the writing is well thought through
                              c) you have definitely peaked my interest
sernaj98 sernaj98 Feb 09, 2017
I'm so confused, how is she living on her own? Like it's not legal to unless you're 18 much less take care of kids at that age unless their your by blood because they have to go to social services too no? Just curious