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Rewind // Calum Hood

Rewind // Calum Hood

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carys r.v. By -drunkenluke- Completed

"It all started in the toilet."
Awkward, I know. 


Cindy ❤ Calum                                    

Calum ❤ Cindy                                              

The story of how two strangers met and their crazy adventure.


LightningFight905 LightningFight905 Dec 30, 2016
WTF IS A U?? I'm American and someone please tell me what a U is... and where it's from...
LightningFight905 LightningFight905 Dec 30, 2016
Why does this remind me of Mean Girls when Regina tells Karen " boo u whøre" 😂
pretz_thetide_ pretz_thetide_ Apr 26, 2016
Possibly 2nd or 3rd time reading this cause I don't have a life....😂😂
elene_25 elene_25 Sep 19, 2016
last time i played cod, i shot one of my teammates with a rocket launcher.... i still have no idea how tf i did that sht
marycberry3 marycberry3 Oct 01, 2016
You made a mistake already. Don't you learn grammar? No offense
my 5 year old nephew beat me in FIFA once and I've never played it since.