Ferry of Woe [malexmale]

Ferry of Woe [malexmale]

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[Book 6] Charon is alone. Charon's always been alone. As the creature of death that ferries souls to their final destination, he needs to be alone. And yet there's still a hole in his heart that he feels no one can fill. No one, except a broken soul that just happens to wander to his home one day.


[Warning: Contains adult themes and graphic content]

  • charon
  • death
  • god
  • greek
  • mythology
  • titans
cyatill12 cyatill12 Mar 19
Hades is gon be pissed that you're gay too *sigh* All well not your fault every guy is sex on a stick
I clicked on that comment above my other ones and scared myself because my crazy ass don't know when to keep her delusions to her damn self
ElodieShy ElodieShy Mar 17
Hades only straight son 😂
                              Shame he’s not strictly dickly like his brothers
NekoSaber NekoSaber Apr 16
Don't tell me that the ship's gonna be Alexion and Charon? O^O
MsEmmaJane MsEmmaJane Apr 14
I wanna say like Oof yes fûck but I don’t trust daddy alexion 100% yet
Kemmilove21 Kemmilove21 Apr 01
I would rather have a pet animal as a friend than a human to be honest 😒