His Touch~ (BoyxBoy)

His Touch~ (BoyxBoy)

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So This is my first story everyone, I'll post one chapter to see if it's any good.. Whitch I doubt but Vote! c: Btw my grammar may suck and I type fast so beware of typos. ANYWAYS ENJOY!

But here's a little info on the brothers 


Age: 19

Hair color: Jet Black and swoopy

Eye color: bluish-grey

Height: 5'11

Body: Type: Thin


Age: 16

Hair color: Light copper brown

Eye color: Green/Hazel

Height: 5'7

Body type: Average

CH. 1

Cyan's POV

I layed in my bed starring at the ceilling  listening to the rain fall softly outside. I

It was always rainy, cloudy and gloomy depressing weather most of the time, But I was fine with it witch was odd because most people enjoy cloudless sunny skies but when your in Seattle, Washington your not going to get much of that. 

As I starred at the ceilling getting myself lost into thought.. All I could think about was him.. He was the only thing I ever thought about, His silky jet black swoopy hair slightly covering his beautiful bluish...

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My sisters lived there. I hate the people and crowd but I want to go back for the weather and beauty.
So he's basically a shorter Andy Biersack with longer nicer hair from 2011
monstraslymajectic monstraslymajectic Oct 29, 2016
I only find incest wrong when it a father and a daughter or a son and a mother but besides that I'm all for it  .idk y
Lizzy_da_tomboy Lizzy_da_tomboy Aug 02, 2016
I love cloudy, gloomy, rainy, etc. weather to. And same people thought it was weird for me to like that
Lizzy_da_tomboy Lizzy_da_tomboy Aug 02, 2016
I don't agree with it in the real world but I'm all for it in the non real world. And if you're a Christian than didn't you realize that with Adam and Eve story we are all children of incest