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"Don't you think you've done enough damage?"

"...I was young and stupid."


Suicide is known as a 'self- destroyer'.

When someone thinks about killing themselves, they are titled as Suicidal.

Alongside Suicide, Depression is a mental illness that almost always leads people to suicidal thoughts.

Sometimes it will be a lonely Old Man/Woman. 

Sometimes it will be a little boy/Girl who has just became a teenager, but doesn't feel she is needed. 

Sometimes it will be a middle aged Man/Woman who seems to have her entire life together, when really they are torn into pieces. 
And sometimes, like this time, it is a high school student who doesn't think she has any other path to choose, but suicide.

*If anyone ever feels as if they have no other choice please get in contact with a suicide hotline [ 1-800-273-8255]

*This story will contain self harm, and a little bit of language*

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_solivagant _solivagant Sep 13, 2017
                              And true. Little things people do can change someone's pov of anything
Same. The Im a fissapointment and my parants are dissapointed part is the most true
KazumixSoul KazumixSoul Nov 11, 2017
Just gonna pretend that the girl’s name is Rainn (me) and the guy is Nick Bateman XD
This is weird for me now... Because i am depressed and suicidal myself and i have a crush (who is now my bf) named Max
simplicitysanity simplicitysanity Apr 26, 2016
Is anyone else looking at the character list and seeing Troy and Gabriella
YaniSavant382 YaniSavant382 Feb 01, 2016
Im from Argentina. Im practicing my ingles. Addition, i like your novel.