Roman High's Stars

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Carmen T. (칼멘 티.) By Kyeire Updated 2 months ago

Definitely brought tears to my eyes and I can really sympathize with her lack of trust and fear of letting your guard down.  Yes it is a great start to the story and caught my attention perfectly!!
I read this yesterday, but I thought I'd come back and comment since you were so nice to comment on mine :) 
                                    Phil really does sound hot, I hope this isn't too good to be true for Billy! (Love her name, btw. My old childminder called her daughter, Billy!)
                                    Yea! Then we're officially friends! =)
                                    Yeah, I noticed most of your strories are paranormal or fantasy. Of course, I think it's non-fiction, but eh-- whatever the non-believers think. ; )
Good start so far! =) 
                                    I love the idea of this story, but I've never actually read one with this type of plot. I guess since you're my friend (at least, I think of you as a friend) I figured I'd try it. And I like it! =D
I know but can't wait to read it!!!! Don't care ifthey are mad or not, I just want the chapter up! Lol  : P
I feel like I'm getting punished for something I didn't do!! LOL I did vote!!!!   Aww please?? ; )