Kidnapped By Werewolves

Kidnapped By Werewolves

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Cavasia By SoBeBeautiful Updated Apr 18, 2017

"MINE!" He yells and grabs me. I drop the pizza and scream.
"NO THE PIZZA!" I yell. He lets go and stares at me weirdly. 
"What? You made me drop it. I expect a new one and yeah Dylan will probably be really mad-" he growls.
"Dylan," I hear Pizza guy mutter in confusion.
"Yeah Dylan. Can I go!?" I yell.
"No," Darren says. I groan.
"Oh no I'm gay!" Pizza guy yells. I look at him and burst out laughing. Darren stares at me and smiles. I smile back.
"Why do you say that?" I ask.
"Because "Dylan" is my mate," He says. Huh? Mate?
"One what is a mate? And two cool I guess?"
"Soul mate! Mine is a guy!?!" He pulls at his hair. 
"Dylan is girl you dumb fucks!" I yell.
"Oh," they both say. I shake my head. Boys.


Aria was not ready for change. She was so used to being normal and living with her Bestfriend Dylan. She just wanted to live her life as normal as possible but of course that's not very possible.
When Aria ran into Darren she didn't know what to think. With all these wolves around, she didn't know what would happen. She didn't know she would fall in love and so many secrets, drama, and love would cause such a big impact. Find out what happens with Aria and Darren and also Dylan and Michael in KIDNAPPED BY WEREWOLVES!

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princess-of-sass princess-of-sass May 16, 2017
Nice to know your heart is made of ice and you can detach it anytime
M_Iezzi M_Iezzi Apr 01
They are the only people who would go to the store not just get it delivered..
atomicapollo atomicapollo Aug 08, 2015