55 Awkward Classroom moments

55 Awkward Classroom moments

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1: chewing on a a pencil and your teacher asks you if you like nibbling on wood

2: room full of silence and out of no were a student farts

3:  when you go to sit on your chair but miss the chair, landing on the floor

4: when you call your teacher mum

5:  bored as hell, you look around and notice your mate has a bulge in his pants

6: when your stomache growls really loud

7: when you  walk into your class and your teacher says hi and you reply " good thanks"

8: when you sit next to your crush and he or she pokes you

9: you try to take a photo of the teacher but the flash goes off

10:  someone flicks themself in the eye and they cry

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FabionStar FabionStar Mar 17
It happened to me and my classmates were asking each other if somebody was crying
My crush is weird he moans in my ear and is always making sex noises and pretending to jerk off
-freaky -freaky Feb 12, 2014
7 has happened to m. I only realized I said it while walking away.
Artemis94 Artemis94 Sep 22, 2012
Lol. At least a quater of dem hav happened to me........can some say "awkwaaaaard"
xxnightengalexx xxnightengalexx Aug 12, 2012
LOL Number sixteen actually happened to me in maths class. The person sitting in front of me gave me a chicken finger and I was eating it. That's when my teacher noticed and told the whole class.
anonymo anonymo May 11, 2012
HAhahaha try to take a stealthy picture and the flash goes off I hate when that happens