55 Awkward Classroom moments

55 Awkward Classroom moments

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1: chewing on a a pencil and your teacher asks you if you like nibbling on wood

2: room full of silence and out of no were a student farts

3:  when you go to sit on your chair but miss the chair, landing on the floor

4: when you call your teacher mum

5:  bored as hell, you look around and notice your mate has a bulge in his pants

6: when your stomache growls really loud

7: when you  walk into your class and your teacher says hi and you reply " good thanks"

8: when you sit next to your crush and he or she pokes you

9: you try to take a photo of the teacher but the flash goes off

10:  someone flicks themself in the eye and they cry

-freaky -freaky Feb 12, 2014 04:28PM
7 has happened to m. I only realized I said it while walking away.
Artemis94 Artemis94 Sep 22, 2012 09:42PM
Lol. At least a quater of dem hav happened to me........can some say "awkwaaaaard"
LOL Number sixteen actually happened to me in maths class. The person sitting in front of me gave me a chicken finger and I was eating it. That's when my teacher noticed and told the whole class.
anonymo anonymo May 11, 2012 02:46AM
HAhahaha try to take a stealthy picture and the flash goes off I hate when that happens