Royals (Urban)

Royals (Urban)

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Having that life that everybody wants but will never have. Having that life that you would gladly give anyone.

That is how Jasmine feels about her life. Jasmine Jean. The girl everyone loves and some envy. She is 17 year old and living in Chicago with her mother, big brother, and father. Jasmine lives like royalty but that is the total opposite of how she feels.

Her father runs the biggest drug cartel in Chicago. Her brother is her fathers prodigy and her mother is always to busy. Jasmine just trys to make as much as she can of her life.

Why can't my brothers b like this ? They hate everything...the makeup, nails n hair 😂😂😂
keri95 keri95 Nov 17
Lmao one of my brothers told me he would hit me in my stomach if I turned out pregnant😕😕😕 and I told his ass nigga try it and u won't live to see another day either
Now y'all know when one of your family members yell at you it hurts y'all feeling 🙄 so chill
Honestly before I could say the word "And" my lips would be hanging off my face
Qveengirll Qveengirll Aug 03
"Didnt they tell you i was a sav-" "Child thats going to sit their ass in they room."😬😶
AniahSantoria AniahSantoria Apr 25, 2014
ahhh I love this tory already just because her name is Aniah!!