The bad boy's tutor

The bad boy's tutor

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Sade By FlowerCrownShawn Updated Jul 30, 2015

With her impeccable grades, and high standards in school, Eliza Edward has always been the typical smart girl with the picture perfect future. Never in her wildest dreams, did Eliza ever thought she would be associating herself with the school's bad boy, Kale Samuels. His dark exterior and mysterious attitude, forever masks pure rage and aggression. 

Kale tended to frighten those who got near, disconnecting them from knowing the depressed boy that laid inside. However, the contradicting pair's world collide, after Eliza is assigned to be Kale's long-term tutor. 

We take an insight of their roller coaster journey, as Eliza braves the wrath of Kale Samuels. For the first time, Kale finds a source of joy as he finds himself continuously spending time with the girl he never thought he would spare a glance at. 

Will Eliza be the one to finally break down his walls, and unleash the happy boy he once was?

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officllamaqueen officllamaqueen Jul 16, 2017
I mean I am the teachers let but you took this to a whole mother level, little old lady
officllamaqueen officllamaqueen Jul 16, 2017
Listen here KALE, You're a leaf that my mother eats so I suggest you listen good  before your future tutor eats you up to, THROW A BOOK AT THE TEACHER OKAY?! Throw it just grab it and throw it
Hapi2Write4U Hapi2Write4U Apr 08, 2017
That moment when you do bad stuff in skool but never get caught
shutupimreading10 shutupimreading10 May 06, 2017
Lmfao have u seen me in class? Me mad my squad be calling all the teacher stank bitches we disrespectful af
lovedogs4ever lovedogs4ever Aug 26, 2017
Hi Kale! Nice to meet you! My name is Broccoli
                              Who tf names their kid Kale?! I'm praying that it's a nickname
lovedogs4ever lovedogs4ever Aug 26, 2017
Of course he's frockin angry! His parents named him KALE for pete's sake