Silence The Fire(On Hold)

Silence The Fire(On Hold)

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Kayd By darkdestiny Updated Jul 20, 2012

Adalae is what you would call a rebellious spit fire.  Falsely accused of killing her mother Ada was sent to the CCT; the correctional centre for the talented. You see Ada isn’t normal, neither are her family as they have talents, oh and not your everyday run of the mill type of talents. We are talking about super speed, mind control and shifting into a glorified tweety bird.  Being cast away from her family, her brothers come up with a plan to kidnap her and bring her home. 

Ada is going to be a part of something big, her life is going to get a whole lot more interesting now. With the help of her pregnant, crazy, telekinesis best friend Rayne, her in denial gay best friend Sean and her brothers and companions Ada is going to bring an evil organisation down to their knees. 

Filled with action, adventure some crazy science fiction and a tinge of romance, Silence The Fire will teach you; that playing with fire won’t always get you burned...

darkdestiny darkdestiny Jun 17, 2011
@xXxwitchypooxXx Thank u so much! :D lol ya it is sorry! ^_^ all a aprt of the plan! 
                              @Vampire_chic_0701 lol read the next part! haha Thank you so much!! ^_^ 
Vampire_chic_0701 Vampire_chic_0701 Jun 08, 2011
OMFG!!!!! What happens next?!?!?!!? I must know!!! your writing is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!
EmyLouWho1 EmyLouWho1 Jun 01, 2011
Wow... how...horrible and scarring that must've been! that's sad :( but your writing is great! :)
darkdestiny darkdestiny Jan 30, 2011
@EvE_96 really? thanks!! haha :) your comments always make me smile hehe :D
darkdestiny darkdestiny Jan 30, 2011
@WriteAbout hahaha thanks :)
                              @PYROMANIAK i shall in a few minutes i think :) or not? O.o thanks :)
WriteAbout WriteAbout Jan 24, 2011
Lol, one thing came into my mind when I read this.
                              My bad."
                              :)  Keep it up!