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Pale Embrace

Pale Embrace

791K Reads 21.3K Votes 34 Part Story
Amber By ArchangelsDesire Completed

Betrayed, left alone, and a fighter till her death; Rosalia is known to the lonely, hard-ass-bitch that no one wants to mess with-but everyone wants to fuck. Ever since they started the bar, she felt a spark with a fellow shifter, but she would never try it. It would kill them both. --- 

Dragomir is what his name states; a dragon. Born a shifter and into the purest bloodline on the planet. He was meant to be whored off by his family, in hopes that he will revive the Dragon Shifter Lineage. After he ran away, it all changed. He found friends, brothers and sisters. . . .a woman that made him want to be everything he could be and demanded her respect. But a Tiger and Dragon. . . how could they make it work! He is determined, despite the knife at his throat and the gun at his forehead.

itdonthurt2squirt itdonthurt2squirt Jul 28, 2016
Ermmm... stay with uncle rob in the lavatory?!?! What in the blood shart  are they doing together in the bathroom???! Must be family poop time lol :)
MelissaJupp MelissaJupp Aug 17, 2013
Love reading your stories
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DarkLoveAngel DarkLoveAngel Apr 28, 2013
early change fueled by trauma, rage and revenge. hmmmmm, I LIKE IT!
LolaRoxx LolaRoxx Feb 16, 2013
This is a really strong opening and I love it :-P hopefully the rest of the book is as good :-)
ArchangelsDesire ArchangelsDesire Sep 12, 2012
@Solanova Oh yes! I meant to change that a long time but lost track! Thanks for pointing that out!!! Happy reading and enjoy the story!
chaos_flare chaos_flare Sep 12, 2012
This is a great story so far, and I'm loving it! Yay action! One thing i have to point out though, is the part where "or stayed with Uncle Rob in the Lavatory." I'm thinking you meant Laboratory. A lavatory means... Bathroom, or toilet... lol, kind of an awkward typo haha >.>