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Samantha Balazs By sambalazs Updated Jan 20

Delilah is the most wanted criminal in the world. She's also a princess, a deadly one, hell-bent on a path of vengeance.

Dante is a ruthless king feared by all, and Delilah is his key to dominion over the four nations.

When Delilah flees her home country and takes refuge in Dante's underground fortress, they make a deal that will change their lives forever. The only catch: the two wicked royals (both used to getting their own way) will need to learn to work together. If they can survive that long.
 The brave hero always wins, and the wicked, cruel villain is always defeated. We know the story. We've seen it retold thousands of times. This is a classic battle of dark and light... told from the dark side's point of view.

COMPLETED. Sequel (Malevolent) in progress.
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