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Brotherly Love (BoyxBoy)

Brotherly Love (BoyxBoy)

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AwakenedAtNight By AwakenedAtNight Updated Dec 28, 2014

(Cliché) Matt is the childlike one. Adam is the mature one. Matt is the upbeat and happy one. Adam is the laid back one. Matt is the adorable 15-year-old. Adam is the hot 17-year-old. Matt is the little brother. Adam is the older brother. So what happens when Matt Starr starts to have feelings for Adam Starr? He's his older brother for heaven's sake! What will Adam's reaction be? Is it possible for Adam to fall for Matt? Or is it simply brotherly love?

You'll change your mind when you develop a crush on your brother
jclement6091 jclement6091 Jun 16, 2016
Boi they don't count they are gods I mean have you seen Andy's face?
IMarriedAnApple IMarriedAnApple Nov 02, 2016
That's literally my dinner cause my moms a nurse and she talks about people rising and having to clean there poop. Eeeewwwww
SushiTaco SushiTaco Jul 01, 2016
His basically the son of Nagisa Hazuki and Haruka Nanase, Weird Ship.
Next thing to happen in Matt's life: He realizes he's gay....and for his brother!!  YAY
mnm0524 mnm0524 Jun 19, 2016
Yasssssss!!!! My favorite store!!!! I would live there if I could.