Author Games: Broken Crowns

Author Games: Broken Crowns

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Seth Waylin By SethWaylin Completed

❝I'll never wear your broken crown.❞ 

Of silver kings and bronze queens, of wrought-iron princes and quartz princesses, 
there comes a downfall of the monarchy, where the next in-line questions the grace of power, of controlling the behaviors of others, and every heir refuses to be the chosen one. They will sit upon those thrones of bones and they will scream from the windows of the citadel and they will let it rain blood, once more, once again, once and for all, until there is nothing left but your broken crown. 

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Cyril Covett has returned from something prematurely labelled as death, and is, in fact, quite alive, and is, in fact, quite changed. Just in time for the Quarter Quell, the 125th, to be precise. It is here that everything he has learned will be put to the test, and it is here that his passion for life will shine brightest against fierce flesh and amber eyes.

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