The Boys & The Crazy Girl

The Boys & The Crazy Girl

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e m i l y By emilyemilyy_mb Updated Jul 28

Faith Lloyd got kidnapped. 

Two guys kidnapped her.

When crazy girl Faith got kidnapped on her 18th birthday things can get a little too crazy.

Wait till u see my on a sugar high, I go psycho its so funny
Sad but same.  I'd be the most chill person during situations like this...
That awkward moment when one of your kidnappers scares you so you hug the other kidnapper instead.
Not as childish as me and I'm 16. I act like a five year old
amoss337 amoss337 Jul 21
That's ME so much I'd be making Ryder yell at me a lot but I'd just do it to get him mad he's funny when he's mad.
When u laugh I legit turn into this girl talking bout Peter Pan and the unicorn lords up above😂😂