Empress of the Gangsters.! (COMPLETED)

Empress of the Gangsters.! (COMPLETED)

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Ate Kris or Ate Arixh By simply_me07 Updated Jun 07, 2015

Romance-Gangster/Action and Mystery..( Filipino )

I am a Gangster.

Specifically a QUEEN GANGSTER.!

I'm not like those SHIT who killed, just to have power and high rank just to be FEARED by other people.

I' m COLD to other's that's why, I don't have friends. I don't need it anyway. I don't want anyone to be associated with me because they might get hurt. And that's the least thing that I wanted to happen. I don't want anybody to get hurt because of me.

"DEFEAT" is not in my dictionary, 'coz I'm the one beating them.

"I DON'T KILL" because I value LIFE. That's one of the things, that my Parents taught me.

"I'M EMOTIONLESS AND EXPRESSIONLESS" 'coz I'm not a showy type person.

I don't TRUST easily 'coz they might be my ENEMY.


"I'M A NIGHTMARE" to those who are WICKED.

I live because I'm searching for a Fu**ing person who killed my parents. I swear if I found him/her, I can't promise not to leashed the RUTHLESS MONSTER inside me.

I VOW not to commit any SIN in front of GOD, but...IF I SAW YOU, I will make you suffer and say the word SORRY...


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AGCabale0 AGCabale0 Apr 22
6 time ko na tung paulit ulit na binabasa .......awwwwwwwohhhhhh
Lhaynna Lhaynna 6 days ago
Hala po! May kapangalan po ako dito si Athena Night hahaha ako naman si Athena Morning de joke lang hahaha
GothicInDisguise GothicInDisguise 6 days ago
Kyaahh!! Favorite ko talaga ang story na ito!! Idagdag pa na sobrang kinaaadikan ko ang LuFany couple!!😍😍😍
ayu6_lyn ayu6_lyn Apr 09
Re-reading!! Hindi ko na alam kung ilang beses ko na ito binabasa... I think, more than 10 times?? Or less hahaha...!!
takuminanashi takuminanashi Dec 31, 2016
Wow umpisa plang maganda na alam mo outhor this is my 3 times n basahin ko po e2 npaka ganda kc ng story and kh8 n 1st time mo pong mag sulat ng story n gangster parang npaka expert nio n po sa story ng mga gangster ....un lng po hehehe😉😉😉😘😘😘
Kakabasa ko ng gangster story feeling ko pag nasa school ako may mga gangster din tapos basta madaming umiikot sa masyado kong imagination sa utak😂😂😂 pero tanong. May nagtatanong ba?😂 sabi ko nga wala😂 k.bye😂