Empress of the Gangsters.! (COMPLETED)

Empress of the Gangsters.! (COMPLETED)

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Ate Kris or Ate Arixh By simply_me07 Updated Jun 07, 2015

Romance-Gangster/Action and Mystery..( Filipino )

I am a Gangster.

Specifically a QUEEN GANGSTER.!

I'm not like those SHIT who killed, just to have power and high rank just to be FEARED by other people.

I' m COLD to other's that's why, I don't have friends. I don't need it anyway. I don't want anyone to be associated with me because they might get hurt. And that's the least thing that I wanted to happen. I don't want anybody to get hurt because of me.

"DEFEAT" is not in my dictionary, 'coz I'm the one beating them.

"I DON'T KILL" because I value LIFE. That's one of the things, that my Parents taught me.

"I'M EMOTIONLESS AND EXPRESSIONLESS" 'coz I'm not a showy type person.

I don't TRUST easily 'coz they might be my ENEMY.


"I'M A NIGHTMARE" to those who are WICKED.

I live because I'm searching for a Fu**ing person who killed my parents. I swear if I found him/her, I can't promise not to leashed the RUTHLESS MONSTER inside me.

I VOW not to commit any SIN in front of GOD, but...IF I SAW YOU, I will make you suffer and say the word SORRY...


# SiMpLy_Me07

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Lhaynna Lhaynna Oct 15, 2017
Hala po! May kapangalan po ako dito si Athena Night hahaha ako naman si Athena Morning de joke lang hahaha
GothicInDisguise GothicInDisguise Oct 15, 2017
Kyaahh!! Favorite ko talaga ang story na ito!! Idagdag pa na sobrang kinaaadikan ko ang LuFany couple!!😍😍😍
_jhing16 _jhing16 Jan 13
Kaway2x s mga fans ng gangsters story 😊😊nakakaadik nman kc ang angas cool
RiobieYourBae RiobieYourBae Dec 19, 2017
It's been so while, Sky ❤. Pang-ilang reread ko na ba itetch? Can't remember na eh.
I'm also a silent reader before ehh pero nagstart naman na ako magbago....... Change is good😄🤗❤️☺️
MYUNGZY_93 MYUNGZY_93 Dec 01, 2017
Pwede po bang humingi s inyo ng mga story..specially gangster..gusto ko po kci cold yung lalaki