The  Daughter Of The Devil

The Daughter Of The Devil

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Was The Werewolf's Mermaid Mate 

Arabella, the daughter of Galena and Arcadius, but most people know him as Cade. Everyone knows who Cade is,  some people just don't realize it. How might you ask? Well, Cade has a very special but most of all an unusual job. Cade was the story 4000 years ago parents would tell their kids to scare, but most people believed Cade was just a myth. 

Galena was the part of the story, that no really knew. Before Cade was killed, Galena and Cade were getting married, but it never happened. After Cade was killed Galena was heartbroken, but she still had one piece of him left. Their unborn baby girl.
I'm rewriting this, so I'm changing a lot of things.

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