Fool In Love [Book 1] (August Alsina Love Story) (Editing)

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Well Britney is from L.A and she had to move to N.O with her dad because he had a better job down there in the south but it was her last year in high school but she had to leave her friends and her boyfriend behind and his Name is Michael and he might become famous soon, but after she moves too N.O this Guy name August came into her life.
    So do you think she is going to Fall in love with August?
    Stay with Michael and make this Long Distance work?
lol... Britney put stank booty a s s in check...her n August r gonna make a powerful couple, i guarantee it
a  t-h-o-t thottie she the type yo go around and do stuff with just anybody 
I think it's cute...they will have a friendship 1st. They already find each other attractive. They will hang out--lite flow chemistry Awe
You got a man tho& have you even seen the " bitches" out here and why you calling yourself a bitch?
My dad would of been like there are cereal and milk enjoy your dinner but other than that it is good but you say lol alot and nothing be funny
Shoot my dad would have been like the ramen noodles are in the cabinet...enjoy your dinner